Nicole and Deborah are collaborating their many years of women's work, body-mind knowledge and healing to create Fertile Ground.

Deborah Bagg began practicing Yoga in 1998. She received her Masters in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University in 2005. Deborah met her life long teacher, Sofia Diaz in Boulder who taught her the depth of Sacred, feminine yoga and how to live open-heartedly. Deborah has been teaching yoga since 2006, both in class format, teacher trainings and privates. She is a birth doula and a Bach Flower practitioner and combines her therapeutic skills with her knowledge of these healing remedies. 

Every aspect of her life is her practice. She uses everything she's got to teach and grow. Deborah's life is her study. She is forever a student and a teacher. 

Please see Deborah's website at for more details.

Nicole Libschik supports women in caring for their bodies, souls and lives. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Labor Doula, Nicole has facilitated women through life’s transitions and milestones such as pregnancy, birth, post pregnancy, career changes, stressful deadlines, chronic pain, surgery, overworking, and postural discomfort.

As a wellness expert, Nicole has tremendous capacity to intuit the needs of the structural/physical body and bring alignment to the energetic/emotional bodies intertwined within our anatomy.

Nicole’s office is located in Chelsea, New York and happily resides in Brooklyn. To learn more about Nicole visit