Welcome to Fertile Ground. We are Nicole and Deborah.  We have been collaborating our many years of women's work, body-mind knowledge and healing to create Fertile Ground. A divine connection was made when we both attended a psoas workshop and decided to meet for coffee. We have met every week since that lovely day. We both have a shared love for all things feminine, sacred, playful and natural. Fertile Ground was the love-child born from deep conversation over lattes and brownies in Manhattan. 

Since we began sharing what we love, the Fertile Ground Women's community has been evolving and growing. We have been offering Moon Circles, workshops and Living Connected series based off the teachings of the moon. We honor the moons teachings and the lineage of women who have shared this wisdom throughout time and space. 

Delving into these cycles has brought forth a transformative process for both of us. We offer from our own experience. Teaching has been a natural calling forth a life-time of self-exploration. We feel honored to be your guides during these sacred processes.