Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. 

The Summer Solstice is the time of year where we step in to celebrate the light. We come into the recognition of the great power of the light that sustains us both on planet earth and the light that grows within our own being. 

The Summer Solstice is a celebration of the bounty, the fruits, the good. We take the time to honor and respect this great abundant offering that is always shining on us. It's the gift of Grace and Beauty. Do not hide in the shadows, step into the great shine that is YOU! 

Join Deborah and Nicole for our Fertile Ground Women's Circle at Yogamaya as we guide you through ritual, song, movement and meditation to honor this time of year. 

Please join us for a Spring equinox celebration. We will be moving out of the depths of Winter into the rebirth of Spring. The Vernal/Spring Equinox offers us a time to enter into our own rebirth. Like the symbol of the egg, we begin to step into our own becoming. This time is about productivity and movement. We are coming out of hibernation and the dark of winter. The water is thawing, the ground begins to break and the buds blossom. The sun begins to warm our earth and so we too are supported in this renewed vitality. 

To honor this time of change we welcome the Tarot as our guide. Join us as we welcome Fertile Ground Wise Woman, Erynn Sosinski. Nicole and Erynn will be leading this next cycle of nature. Erynn will be facilitating an intentional and celebratory ceremony with the support of the tarot. (Deborah will be in South Africa and will miss you all) 

Logistics about our Spring Equinox Ceremony: 

Location: at Studio Maya, 603 Bergen St. (between Vanderbilt & Carlton), Suite #103, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Date: March 19, 2016
Time: 4:30pm-6pm  
What to bring: 
- A meditation cushion or blanket, if convenient. We will have extras.
- Something meaningful to you to be placed at the alter. (Optional)
What to wear: Think Spring energy! Wear something colorful and comfortable to move and sit in.
Cost: $20
RSVP to reserve your spot. 


Menses Moon Magic. 

In this two hour workshop we will be exploring the herstory, myths, stories, misconceptions and mystery of the Menstrual cycle. We will be reframing the cultural norms that send this "time of the month" into the negative recesses of a women's experience. These stories have disconnected us from our innate womb wisdom and power.  In this workshop we will

  • Reconnect with our womb through self care practices
  • Create tools in which to support this sacred time
  • Cultivate a fresh perspective on our menses
  • Develop a nurturing and loving relationship with yourself through understanding the wisdom of your Menstrual cycle

February 27, 2016
4:30pm - 6:30pm

$30  Click to pay, here.
$35 at the door

Location:  at Studio Maya, 603 Bergen St. (between Vanderbilt & Carlton), Suite #103, Brooklyn, NY 1123